During recent years, experimental progress in the field of two-dimensional electrons has led to a wave of new discoveries and has stimulated an impressive theoretical effort. Among them it is worth to mention the observation of novel correlated states and superfluidity in bilayer systems, research on electronic liquid-crystal states in high Landau levels, the radiation-induced zero-resistance states in very low magnetic fields, the discovery of quantum Hall effect in graphene layers and of the quantum spin-Hall effect, and proposals and experiments on quantum computing with non-abelian quantum Hall states. These novel emergent fields of research are attracting a large interest of the condensed-matter community. This timely frontier Symposium will bring together a team of leading scientists and young researchers working on these emergent collective electronic in solids. The goal will be to focus on the intriguing and exciting new directions outlined above, review the status of current research and establish new collaborations. This will be the third edition of the EPQHS workshop series that started in 2005. Previous editions were held in Taos (New Mexico) in July 2005 and in Penn State University in June 2007.