NEW: Accommodation of the participants

Special conference rates

In Villa Guinigi:

Special offers for conference participants. From Saturday June 20th until Tuesday June 23rd (Total of 4 nights):

From Sunday June 28th to Friday July 4th (Total of 6 nights):

Reservations should be received by May 20th 2009.

All bedrooms have wireless internet, private bathrooms, and are located in luxury apartments with living room and kitchen. All prices include taxes. Villa Guinigi will maintain the same prices for participants that want to stay longer (before and/or after the conference). Breakfast is not included but coffee/milk/juice, croissants, and pastries will be served at the coffee breaks in the morning.

In Hotel Le Ville:

The hotel is located 3.5 miles from the conference site at Villa Guinigi. A shuttle bus will be provided from/to Villa Guinigi every day. All prices include taxes and breakfast.

Accommodation of participants

The digit between parenthesis is the number of accompanying people.

Villa Guinigi

Champagne, Dolev, Ferraro, Gervais, Giudici, Ilan, Jain (1), Karmakar, Khrapai, MacDonald (1), Morais-Smith, Morf, Muraki, Pellegrini, Peterson, Pinczuk, Polini (1), Radu (2), Quinn (1), Rhone, Sassetti, Shayegan (3), Von Klitzing (1), Tsui (1), Wegscheider (1), Willett, Yang (5)

Hotel Le Ville

Andrei, Ashoori, Beugeling, Bonin, Burnell, Dial, Dietsche, Eastham, Eisenstein, Gokmen, Grayson, Hadzibabic, Kumada, Levkivskyi, Levy, Magnoli, Molenkamp, Paradiso, Peotta, Saini, Sim, Tiemann, Toke, Vitkalov, Yakunin, Zudov

Fattoria Colleverde

Dickman, Feiguin (3), Fertig, Potemski, Read (1), Simon, Viefers