Villa Guinigi, Capannori (Lucca) Tuscany, Italy

The estate of Villa Guinigi, located near to the beautiful town of Lucca, is a superb development of apartments situated in the magnificent Tuscany countryside. Directions to Villa Guinigi can be found here.

For hundreds of years the cellars of Villa Guinigi were filled with barrels of wine and tanks for storing olive oil, which at the time were important wealth reserves of the Guinigi family. Today, after a careful rebuilding programme of modern restoration techniques, they now house a heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi, sauna, fitness room and relaxation areas. Villa Guinigi Spa, which will be open to the conference participants, is controlled by a state-of-the-art electronic water heating and dehumidifying system.

For a quick refreshing swim, Villa Guinigi offers also an outside shallow pool close to the main conference hall.